I have ADHD.

Well, at least that’s what the school psychologist told my parents when I was in the fourth grade.

“Elliott seems to have no filter, he just says whats on his mind and that’s NOT okay!”

So, I got in trouble with my teachers and school principal, a lot.

But I didn’t care, because I also received the lion’s share of attention from the pretty pigtail-rockin’ grade-school girls.

The other kids in my class actually enjoyed my funny outbursts, offensive jokes and wit.

I was the most popular kid in Brookside Elementary.

That was until I was drugged into being “nice”.

You see, the adults were hell bent on breaking my spirit and helping me conform.  

They wanted me to be a “nice guy”.

They wanted me to keep my mouth shut, sit passively at my desk, keep my head down and “be a good boy”.

But being nice just didn’t come natural to me… so they sent me to a doctor. 

The doctor diagnosed me and school drugged me into being “nice”.

And it actually worked.

The drugs made me quiet. 

I spoke less, I kept my opinions to myself, I no longer made funny remarks, or stole the attention of the “good girls” who were mesmerized by my natural charisma.

As my niceness went up… popularity with my peers, went down.

It seemed only the teachers, principles, parents and administrators liked the calm, quite, nice Elliott.

But that’s just the way it goes!

When you are bing a “nice guy” it means your trying to please lame people… which makes you lame.  

It also makes you a liar.

Nice guys lie when trying to get the girl, and it backfires.

Nice guys lie when trying to get along with co-workers, and it backfires..

Nice guys lie when trying to get more YouTube views or on social media, and if backfires… 

Because no one actually likes a boring, lame, lying nice guy who behaves like a pansy to garner your heart emoji, approval or kiss.

The truth is 99.9% of so-called “nice guys” are liars.

Thats why they get no play.

But its not all your fault.

I may have been treated with drugs to calm down my natural charisma, but MOST GUYS play nice because of peer-pressure and approval.

But it doesn’t work.

Eventually you’ll be found out…. And hopefully it won’t be too late, leading to a divorce, lost job or lack of results in your marketing and sales.

Nobody actually likes nice guys.

So don’t be nice.