Feeling Stuck Between Your Potential and Reality? Here's How to Break Free

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the vastness of your potential, yet frustrated by the inability to fully realize it? Like there's an infinite realm of possibilities within you, but expressing them through your fragile body and mind feels impossible? If so, you're not alone.

I've struggled with this my whole life. It came to a head in the last 10 years, which has been a confusing cycle for me and probably you too. I'm all over the place! I say I've dealt with this lifelong because even as a kid, they diagnosed me with ADHD. I think many of us feel the excitement of infinite possibilities, but some lack the tools to manifest them.

The Realm of Infinite Possibilities

This situation arises when your spirit energy and mental capacity far exceeds your bodily limits. There's so much trying to express, but it gets bottlenecked in translation. I see it like an infinite realm of possibilities, or what Carl Jung called the "collective unconscious." From this sea of potential, our task is to draw down and deliver the divine through our frail vessels.

This realm goes by many names - God, spirit, source energy. But words fail, as ancient Jews wouldn't even utter the word "God." To name the infinite is vain. I'm no Jesus, but his story relates. Spirit energy pouring through his being was too much for the world to handle. The cross was inevitable.

Stepping Down Into Form

Our human imprint, being made in God's image, is a four-part pattern. Like a diamond with four facets - thinking, feeling, doing, and being. To step spirit into form, the unlimited must pass through this quadded lens.

The Four Aspects

I see the aspects as priest, warrior, lover, and king. The priest discerns what to focus on. He's a sacrificer collapsing infinite possibilities into concentration. The warrior acts. The lover feels and cultivates passions. And the king integrates it all into service and leadership.

Each aspect is out of balance in me. I'm fractured and divided. But expressing myself openly helps integration occur. The strongest version of myself requires all four working harmoniously.

Which Aspect Resonates With You?

Think on where you are out of balance. Which archetype calls to be strengthened? We each have a unique life mission and must step down infinite possibilities accordingly. Don't let the noise of modern life distract you from recognizing your true calling.

I want to go deeper on many related topics - bioenergetics, initiatory rites, masculine and feminine essence, mastering skills and more. Let me know if this resonates and what you'd like me to expand on. We all contain a spark of the divine. Let's fan it into flame together!

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