I was a broke fitness trainer in 2007.

At the time I learning about how to market my gym so I could get more clients and make more money.

A friend sent me a book by Dan Kennedy all about marketing. The book contained a list of principles for successful marketing.

Most of the principles were about selecting the right market, crafting the right message and using the best media to reach clients. 

But one principle stood out the most to me, it read… 

“Being BORING, is the KISS OF DEATH in marketing.” 

Most people today are bored. 

Their lives are boring.

Their jobs are boring.

Their marriages are boring.

Even their vacations, recreation and entertainment is f*cking boring! 

So they screen scroll on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  

And guess what? All the shit they see on the screen… Is BORING too!   

This is an important fact if you’re in the business of getting attention for your product, service, program, status, dating and relationships.

Bored people don’t subscribe.

Bored prospects don’t buy.

Bored girls don’t reply.

So I taught myself how to be more charismatic, compelling and confident in my marketing, sales and communication… by featuring my flaws! 

When you “Feature Your Flaws” you stand out in a world where everyone is trying to look perfect.

Featuring the flaws in your personality, your body or your business helps you stand out in the noisy and boring marketplace.

When you show people the “messed up” parts of yourself they are drawn in.  They connect with you as a real man (rather than an internet faker).

That’s exactly what happened when I was honest about the “flaws” at my dirty, little warehouse gym in ghetto-ass South St. Pete Florida.

Strength Camp stood out in the marketplace of gyms in my city, not because it was top-notch and beautiful…

It stood out BECAUSE it was dank, dirty and dangerous… in world full of sanitized sissy gyms. 

The FLAW became the FEATURE.

And the rest is history.

So, how can you apply this principle to your own life?

How can you show up in a confident way about your flaws to influence your wife, your children, women your dating, prospects, customers, clients, students or anyone you’re communicating your message to?  

If you’re looking for an experience to JOLT you out of the rut of boredom and super charge your charisma, then check out Grounding Camp

Keep Growing Stronger,

Elliott Hulse