For 3 days at Grounding Camp, you're going to go through a process unlike anything you've experienced before. 

A complete psychophysical overhaul to pinpoint and demolish the unconscious "neurotic holding patterns" and ingrained "character structure" blocks restraining your true charismatic essence.

This isn't theory or fast surface-level tactics. 

It's a deep immersion into revealing, then surgically releasing, the emotional armorings and postural distortions that have subtly kept you playing life in a limited self-imposed prison until now.

Here's a glimpse into your transformative Grounding Camp schedule:

Day 1: Unveiling Your Soul's Blueprint

- Check-in and breathwork attunement to drop into cohesive group resonance 

- My senior body-mind analysts conduct intensive postural evaluations and developmental history intakes to identify your core neurotic holding patterns

- You receive a personalized "character structure" assessment pinpointing the specific psychosomatic profile currently restraining your full energetic expression 

- Evening group de-armouring process begins the cathartic release of bound emotional obstructions

Day 2: Total Excavation & Discharge

- Based on your revealed imprints, I guide you through a series of hands-on bioenergetic interventions to pinpoint and discharge your unique holding patterns to the core  

- By working directly with muscular armorings and chronically bound energetics like rage, grief or sexuality, profound integration happens

- As obstructions get excavated, you experience emotional breakthroughs and glimpses of your essential unrestrained charismatic nature

- Evening "bioform" reconstruction establishes new neural grooves for inhabiting confident postures and presence

Day 3: Cementing Your Charismatic Imprint

- With the slate wiped clean of its old repressive tendencies, we run somatic interventions to install empowering archetypal energies like the Lover, Warrior and Magician

- Through interactive practices, you experience what it feels like to operate from these magnetic psychophysical configurations 

- We capture embodied reflections from your peak states and create a "character structure" reimprinting plan for sustaining your new charismatic baseline in daily life

- Closing celebration and initiation to commemorate your rebirth into unstoppable personal magnetism

From the moment you arrive, you'll be guided through a profound process of self-discovery, release work and reconstruction. 

All in service of excavating your most attractively charismatic self.

By tapping into the mind/body's profound wisdom through bioenergetics, we short-circuit years of suffering through ineffective "confidence hacks" or half-measures. You experience root-level breakthroughs that rewire your psychophysiological blueprints.

The result? 

By the time you depart Grounding Camp, you'll be operating from an entirely new energetic foundation. 

A well of charismatic magnetism, grounded personal power and irresistible presence to elevate your whole life.

Click here to claim your spot and start preparing for this initiation into your most confidently impactful self. Spaces are extremely limited for this intimate residential training.